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Keiron McCammon is the CTO for Versant Corporation. He has worked in the IT industry for over ten years, principally applying object-oriented technologies and techniques to solving business problems. He has hands-on experience in C/C++/Java as well as Corba/J2EE. As the CTO of Versant, Keiron is responsible for defining the product strategy and direction. He has worked with strategic customers in the Financial and Telecommunications arenas aiding in the development of distributed object solutions utilizing Java, J2EE and Versant technologies. Keiron is a member of the JDO expert group (JSR 12) and presents regularly at Java and J2EE conferences and seminars on JDO and J2EE application architecture and development.

Heiko Bobzin is a member of the JDO expert group (JSR 12) from the onset. He had led the JDO and ODMG 3.0 implementation at Poet Software, a vendor of object-oriented databases. Prior to joining Poet, he developed a universal communications library including Java, Delphi, VB and C++ bindings, a TCP stack, ISDN drivers, Fax server, and ported the GNU C++ compiler to OS/9. He presented at Java One 2000, ICJD San Jose, New York in 2001 and many other conferences in the U.S. and Germany. He also contributed to Component Databases published by Morgan Kaufmann.

Sameer Tyagi is the co-author of three recent books on Java technology: Professional JSP, Professional JSP-J2EE edition and Professional Java Server programming J2EE edition; he is also a co-author on the upcoming book Java Web Services Architecture (Morgan Kaufman). He writes regularly for Java Pro, Java World, and Java Developers Journal. He has eight years of experience in Information Technology and is employed as an Enterprise Java Architect for Sun Microsystems and works at their Java Center in Burlington (MA).

Michael Vorburger is VP Engineering and Chief Software Architect at Vertical*i, where he manages the development of a J2EE-based platform, using JDO, for the implementation of common ERP-like business applications. His previous experiences include embedded system's development in C on high-end switches at Cisco Systems in the Silicon Valley, Windows-based C++ development of commercially sold Microsoft FrontPage tools, and work in the document management area. He started poking around with computers over 10 years ago, in the good old days of the Commodore 64. Michael is a graduate from EPFL, a Swiss citizen, and fluently speaks six languages. He got married to Divvya in 2001.