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Dan Malks, co-author of "Core J2EE Patterns", says: Core JDO is packed with valuable information and provides a strong foundation for building JDO-based Enterprise applications."

Rick Cattell, Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, says: "This book provides an excellent introduction to JDO persistence, transactions, queries, cache management, and use with EJB containers. It provides an incremental explanation of the concepts, from a general overview to detailed programming examples."

Scott W. Ambler, author of Agile Database Techniques and other books, says: "All Java developers working on business applications should understand the implications of JDO. This book helps them to do just that."

Marc Fleury, President and Founder JBoss Group, LLC, says: "When JBoss Group looked at the available APIs for orthogonal persistence, JDO emerged as a finally mature standard. It was clear we needed to implement JDO in JBoss. This book is very well written, with a balanced mix between specification coverage and practical tidbits. A must read".

Neelan Choksi, President, SolarMetric, says: "Core JDO is a must read book for those interested in Java Data Objects. The authors provide a solid introduction to the JDO standard but then focus on how to use JDO in the real world, reflecting their experiences as members of the spec team as well as application developers."

Eric Samson, President, LIBeLIS, says: "As a JDO vendor we are very keen on this book. This is a book that Java architects and programmers can use to save weeks when they want to build and deploy critical J2EE transactional applications."

David Tinker, Hemisphere Technologies, says: "Core JDO is a clear and detailed treatment of JDO. The JDO and EJB chapter is essential reading for anyone involved in Enterprise Java development."

Gopalan Suresh Raj, Chief Architect, hywy Software Corporation, says: "Core JDO probes the innards of JDO and explains everything lucidly, from the fundamentals to its most advanced features (using JDO with EJB, JCA, Security, Transactions, etc). The book stands out as an excellent JDO resource for both Architects and Developers alike. Congratulations and thanks to the Authors, Sun, and Prentice-Hall for bringing out such a great book on JDO".

Dirk Bartels, General Manager, JDOcentral.com, says: "The Core JDO Book provides the reader exceptional in-depth information about JDO. What I like in particular is that the book doesn't stop by just explaining the technology in a vacuum. It provides plentiful guidance how to use it in real world application environments such as J2EE, it includes a very helpful comparison with JDBC and helps the reader to make a more informed decision on his application database architecture, and almost all topics are accompanied with extensive code examples that help learning JDO the easy way."

James McGovern, Enterprise Architect Hartford Financial Services and author of several Java technology books: "JDO is one of the most intriguing specifications to emerge from the Java Community Process within the last year. Many architects struggle with the impedance mismatch between relational and object based technologies when building large scale enterprise applications. The authors have done a great job of explaining how to bridge oriented-oriented applications with relational and other data store paradigms. The controversy surrounding JDO and other standards, specifically JDBC and Entity Beans are clearly resolved within this book. This book is well written and is suitable for developers and architects alike. If you like reading complex specifications, then you most likely would not purchase this book. If you want to cut to the chase, then this book is for you. You will not find a better book anywhere. The authors have demonstrated thought leadership from cover to cover. I wish I'd written this book."