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Saluton geamikoj!

Esperanto Flag Jes, Esperanto. - No, the easy to learn international auxiliary language is not dead. An estimated 1-2 million people speak it world-wide according to the World Almanac and Book of Facts. Seven past Nobel Prize winners were Esperantists, the most recent in 1994. UNESCO and other organizations of the UN system issued several official resolutions favouring Esperanto. Have you heard of Umberto Eco, the famous writer? He's another supporter of Esperanto.

Below are a few links to sites about and some in Esperanto. - If you are interested, write to me at [E-MAIL] and I can get you in touch with the local Esperanto group at your place. There is one in every country around the world.

Reasons to learn Esperanto (Eo_unue.html) [EXTERNAL]
A reply to some arguments against Esperanto (kontraux.html) [EXTERNAL]
Psychological Reactions to Esperanto [EXTERNAL] on Bernd's Esperanto page [EXTERNAL]

Esperanto is very alive. The language is tought at some Universities around the world, for example (not complete) in: Turin, Aix in France, Budapest, and a couple in the USA [EXTERNAL]. Here are a few links to pages in Esperanto:

smiley.gif (319 Byte) Events Calendar [EXTERNAL] of Esperanto meetings - Lot's of Nice People and Fun!
sound.gif (133 Byte)  Hear Esperanto on Radio Talin's weekly! [EXTERNAL] More sound in Esperanto [EXTERNAL], more [EXTERNAL]...
news.gif (102 Byte) news:soc.culture.esperanto Esperanto USENET newsgroup
script.gif (90 Byte) Literature in Esperanto [EXTERNAL] (native and translated to)

Other Conlangs

There are a lot of other "artificial"-, constructed-, universal- or planned languages, aliaj planlingvoj. Non of them has had Esperanto's success. The following sites present the history and some other conlangs:

How to Build a Language: [EXTERNAL]
Short overview about Conlangs: [EXTERNAL]

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