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A list of events I participated...

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Below a list of non scientific events I participated in or projects I am involved with. Note my computer related projects on another page. More information in my Curriculum vitae. (Feel free to contact me if you need information about one of these events or subjects.)

Vienna Peace Conference, as participant, Vienna/Austria, July 1999
55a Internacia Esperanta Junulara Kongreso, as participant, Zanka en Hungario, August '98
Hague Appeal for Peace [EXTERNAL], as volunteer staff, The Hague, Netherlands, May 1999
Internacia Seminario [EXTERNAL], as participant, Kassel/Germany, December '98
Peace Education Confernce, HAP [EXTERNAL] PrepConf, by IPB [EXTERNAL], as aid, Geneva, November '98
International Peace Bureau [EXTERNAL], Volunteer / Technical consultant, Geneva, Summer '98
Schönbrunner Herbsttagung, as participant, Lassalle Haus/Zug, November '98
54a Internacia Esperanta Junulara Kongreso, as participant, Rijeka/Croatia, July '98
Future of Joint Ventures in Europe, as part., by BEST (Board Europ. Studs. Tech.) [EXTERNAL], Milano, Nov. '97
Edukado al Paco/Education to Peace, as participant, La Chaux-de-Fonds/Switzerland, October '97
SPIERT AVIERT [EXTERNAL], European Youth Convention, as organizer, Sils i. Engadin/Switzerland, September '97
Young Leader's Institute, as staff member, Vermont/USA, August 1997
53a Internacia Esperanta Junulara Kongresso, as participant, Assisi/Italy, July '97
International Symposium on Creativity and Leadership [E-MAIL], as participant, Zermatt, January '97
4. Swiss Youth Parliament Conference [EXTERNAL], as translator, Geneva, November '96
3. Swiss Youth Parliament Conference [EXTERNAL], as organizer, Sarnen, November '95
International Seminar on Leadership, as participant, Landegg Academy [EXTERNAL], Wienacht, April '95
ARGE ALP [EXTERNAL] Youth Conference in St.Gallen, as workshop leader, May '95 (?)
SPIERT AVIERT [EXTERNAL], European Youth Convention, as participant, Sils i. Engadin, September '94
2. Swiss Youth Parliament Conference [EXTERNAL], as participant, Wienacht, November '94
ARGE ALP Youth Group of Canton St.Gallen [EXTERNAL], as participant, during '94
"Neuchcolore [EXTERNAL]", Swiss multicultural youth event, as participant, Neuchâtel, '94 (now DYNAMICHA [EXTERNAL])
Pupil's Action SOS UG, committee against closure of local highschool, as leader, during '93

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