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Virtual links to some real friends:

LUCA Sambucci hosts this website. Thank you! [EXTERNAL]
MARION Belisle is a good friend [EXTERNAL] from "Esperantujo"
DAVID Belart, AKA Dada, is a friend for a long time. Thanks for many newyears Zernez! [EXTERNAL]
MASSIMO Infunti is a real nice guy from Torino. Thanks for all the parties you took me to! [EXTERNAL]
ERICA Schmitz is where 3 years e-mail friendship can lead to [EXTERNAL]: we met again in Summer 97!
LORENZ Meier is always good to discuss a real tricky programming problem, but not only... [EXTERNAL]
PATRICK Bont. We have been playing with LEGO many years ago and still keep in touch. Nice! [EXTERNAL]

And the many others... build a personal Homepage and let me know for a link!

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