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since February 1995, ongoing (?)

This project was developed while was I working at ABACUS Research AG [EXTERNAL] and has Copyright. These pages are for information purpose only.


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The goal was to develop an in-house multi-target publishing system for the end-user manuals of this company. From a common source document, the printed manuals, each about thousand pages long, and two different context sensitive on-line help systems (ASCII-DOS and Windows-HLP) should be generated automatically. Transition (data import) from the existing manuals (Ventura) had to be guaranteed.


extensive WordBasic programming (over 10'000 lines of code!)
integration with existing WinHelp solution (Doc-To-Help, WexTech [EXTERNAL])
conversion tool in C


The goals of the project have been met and the system is still in use. It is currently evaluated for possible future support of HTML and/or PDF as additional target platforms. Check out the Discussion about alternatives.

I learnt a lot about how a software company runs by just keeping my eyes open at ABACUS. I would like to thank ABACUS for allowing me this expierence!


What is AbaDoc?
What is Doc-To-Help?
Discussion about alternatives
Download the Manual (in German) as HLP, generated with AbaDoc itself (188 KB)
Printed Manual, a sample page (as GIF image)

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