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KISSfp Full Pro Business Edition for Commercial Webs $99.95

The business license is for commercial users processing commercial web-sites. It does not insert any notice in the HTML files it processes. The Business License gives you the right for priority in replying to support requests.

One copy of the business version of KISSfp software may be used by up to THREE concurrent users on a single workstation, or by a single person on up to THREE workstations.

KISSfp Lite Private Home Edition $34.95

The private license is for non-commercial users processing non-commercial web-sites. The PVT version enables the cool "insert mail-to & leave-site icon" feature and inserts am (invisible) KISSfp notice in the META/GENERATOR tag of the HTML files it processes.

The private license is for non-commercial users processing non-commercial web-sites. One copy of the private version of KISSfp software may use by a SINGLE person who uses the software personally on ONE computer. To use the software personally on more than one computers, or have multiple persons using this software on a single workstation, you need to purchase additional licenses.

Humanitarian or environment related NGOs and some registered non-profit organisations can get a donated private license for free; contact This offer does not apply to academic, sports, government and similar institutions.

To use the KISSfp software, please review and agree to the full End-User License Agreement

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