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User Feedback

Stefan Gagner <sgagner(a)> Webmaster of,, wrote on June 21, 1999:

I think KISSfp is a wonderful program and I use it together with NetLoad for FTPing. It's a lot faster and safer compared to the original upload wizard in FrontPage 98 and/or 2000. Thanks to your program I can go on using FrontPage 2000 which otherwise refused uploading to a site without server extensions.

David Patrick <miamiorders(a)> wrote on April 26, 1999

KISSfp is great and saves me untold hours of clicking and deleting vti directories and other nasty garbage that FrontPage jams into the product!

Neil Baker <neil(a)> wrote on January 29, 1999

When software is as good as yours, it's worth registering. KISSfp is an excellent add-on for Frontpage, I had your original version (1.0) and thought that was good, but now (2.0) it is excellent.

Frank Brehm <fbrehm(a)> wrote on October 8, 1998

It's a shame Microsoft does not distribute KISSfp with FrontPage. This has got to be the best utility for FrontPage users ever. -- Thank you for a fine program.

Katy Pond <kpond(a)> wrote on April 26, 1999: Malcolm Walker <malcolm(a)> wrote on November 30, 1998:

I love the error detection routine though, email link spell checker. I inherited a site and the first time I ran it I actually found 9 pages of typos. I did finally get them all fixed.

The information supplies in the LOG file is of considerable use as it has identified several inconsistencies.
Ingrid Tufts <ingrid(a)> wrote on October 18

Great, we've used KISSfp for publishing front page webs to be run from CD-ROM.. works really well, saving us lots of time. Thanks. Great, we've used KISSfp for publishing front page webs to be run from CD-ROM.. works really well, saving us lots of time. Thanks.

Jacques Rentzke <postbox2(a)> wrote on September 9

I don't have a fast internet connection, and have had much trouble uploading these hundreds of files that FrontPage creates for my small site. Your program is easy to use, and very fast!

Christine <clutley(a)> wrote on August 20

I think your idea for KISSfp is fantastic. The only thing wrong with FrontPage is that a host needs to support the extensions, and most do not. And you have fixed that. I am suitably impressed.

Phil Robinson <lonsdale(a)> wrote on September 9

Downloaded your software yesterday. It was just what I was looking for as I was grappling with how to clean up my Front Page site before publishing to a server without FP extensions. The software runs very quickly and does exactly what it says it should. Good job!

Patrick <patrik(a)> from Hilleviksbruks in Sweden wrote on August 13

I've for some time been irritated with how FrontPage behaves together with a ISP that i use FTP to upload to. Many irritating subdirectories that i would have to exclude by hand just to upload only needed files. But then i discovered KISSfp. A jewel! - It fixes all my problems. Now i can simply upload all files needed and not an extra byte.

Judy <Sleepy7554(a)> wrote on August 14

I looked at your page and you asked your visitors to let you know what feature that you are designing that we liked, well I liked them all, you are very talented and smart, thank you for thinking of all of us that use Frontpage, and please keep up the good work.

Donald <arvidson(a)> from MA,
CEO onittDesigns wrote on 19 June
Ton (<ton(a)>) wrote on May 5

Thanks for the opportunity to utilize your program. It's a hassel to get a FP site posted when the host does not have the extensions.

Keep up the good work! ... I really love your product.

Shawn <shawn(a)> wrote on June 20 Sheri <shlew(a)> from Colorado wrote on May 17

I appreciate your FrontPage enhancement. For busy people, it cannot be beat! Thank you again!

I certainly appreciate the information and problem solving you have provided!

Rob Giordano <webmaster(a)> wrote on May 5

Just visited your site, I response to a posting in NGs. Great site ! I will return to it to spend more time soon. I especially like the Style Guide, though I must admit I thought it was regarding Style brain is fried;-)