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About KISSfp

KISSfp facilitates uploading of FrontPage-based Web sites to Hosts without MS Server Extensions by FTP. It saves space on your webhost by selecting just the files required. Read our Press Release!

KISSfp is great also for publishing FrontPage Webs on multimedia CD-ROMs and using FrontPage with Web hosts such as AOL or CompuServe or free hosting solutions such as GeoCities or Tripod, because they usually don't have MS Server Extensions installed!

Special features include automatically inserting iconsmail-to &leave-site after e-mail and external links, FrontPage Menu Integration, HTML Compression and some more features. Most features work with any site and are independent of Microsoft� FrontPage� 98 and 2000!

How KISSfp works (Details)

Below is explained how KISSfp minimises the number of files and folders and how HTML Compression is achieved. The following is for users interested in the technical background.

KISSfp is an HTML post-processing tool. It does two separate things to reduce a FrontPage Web: A) Minimise number of files & folders, and B) HTML Compression. Both of them do not change the appearance of pages. Finally, KISSfp implements some other useful features not related to compression.

A) Reduce Number of Files & Folders

If a web does not use FrontPage Run-Time Components, all the _vti_* folders for administration purposes are not needed. Thus, KISSfp can recursively copy all files which are actually linked from a given homepage to an output directory. The number of files is significantly reduced, because only those actually needed for end-user viewing are copied. Depending on the number of files, 30% - 40% can be saved.

The output directory can then be uploaded by FTP to the webhost. This webhost does not need Server Extensions installed. Note that this also accelerates uploading your site by FTP.

KISSfp is pretty smart when determining which files to copy and can correctly recognise all files needed for your web, including Java Applet class files and hovered images loaded by JavaScript!

B) HTML Compression

KISSfp can compress HTML. This is achieved by removing FrontPage's themes & bots comments, useful only for editing but not for final viewing. FrontPage HTML files are usually compressed 15% - 20%. This means less download time for your visitors!

Note that if a web does use Run-Time Components and does not use Themes (supplied with FrontPage or defined by you with the Theme Designer) compression could be low for that web.

Here is a list of what KISSfp concretely removes:

  • <!--mstheme--> <!--msnavigation--> and more <!--ms*--> comments
  • <!--webbot ... --> comments, if not Run-Time Components (hard-wired)
  • <meta name="Microsoft *"> tags
  • <font ...> tags under some circumstances, if superflous
  • user comment like <!-- comment --> if there is a blank before and after. The mandatory blank ensures that for example <!--# comments (server side includes) are not removed.

Additionally, any occurrence of more than one whitespace (TAB, Space, CR) is compacted to one only. This feature is turned off inside the <PRE> <LISTING> <XMP> <PLAINTEXT> tags. (NOTE: By loading such a "compressed HTML file" into FrontPage Editor, linebreaks and indention gets restored. The mstheme and WebBot informations DO NOT, though: You have to keep the original web if you ever want to edit it again!)

C) Additional Features

These additional features work with any site and are independent of FrontPage:

  • Inserting tiny icons after e-mail links and links leaving your site
  • Useful warnings if something seems strange (broken links, upper-/lowercase)
  • Substitute details/index.html with the URL of the current page, and <!-- INSERT: ... >
  • Insert <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN"> if not already present
  • Replace "nice quotes" (single and double) by ' and " and fix some special characters
  • ... and more, see OnLine-Help!

More Details

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