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Update v2.0 - What's New?

KISSfp 2.0 is now a real Windows application, with a GUI incl. FrontPage Integration, an OnLine-Help, Installer (SETUP.EXE) as well as two new features, and many detail improvements and fixes.

  • GUI with FrontPage Integration, OnLine-Help, Installer
  • New Features: <!-- INSERT: {HTML} --> and version-history20.html

Detail of KISSfp Engine Improvements (Complete List)

  • Improved Warnings
    • new warning if URL contains troublesome special characters.
    • new warning if URL contains whitespace. (Automatically corrected.)
    • new warning if empty URL encountered. (e.g. href="")
    • new warning if link contains special characters like bracket or space!
    • new usability hint, if mailto-link does not show e-mail address in visible part.
    • new warning for possibly invalid e-mail mailto links, e.g. containing %20.
  • Improved Crawling
    • Image maps (AREA) are crawled as well.
    • META/Refresh is crawled as well.
    • absolute links (starting with /) crawled as well.
    • directory links (ending in /) crawled as well, incl. <a href="./">
    • <!--#include virtual= crawled as well.
    • <FORM ... action=...CGI... crawled as well.
    • <TABLE background=> is crawled as well
    • bugfix for # in PARAM, e.g. <param name="url" value="other.htm#orgs" ...>
  • Improved HTML Compression, increases another 5% on a site that use themes!
    • HTML Compression improved by removing useless <font ...></font> pairs.
    • removes useless FONT, e.g. <FONT><IMG ...></FONT>
    • replaces <STRONG> by <B> and <EM> by <I> (of course also /strong and /EM)
    • removes stylesrc="_private/style.htm" attribute (FP spec) in <body> tag.
    • no whitespace compression etc. inside any <tag> ("quoted" arguments!)
  • Icons feature improved
    • better ALT text for –icons
    • don't insert icons after external link containing only IMG, e.g. Banners!
  • Various
    • no conversion of chars >127 to character entities anymore.
    • replaces ` by ' (if not already done)
    • replaces (TM) (C) (R) by numeric codes (&#153;) instead of &trade; etc.
    • ASP and other HTML file-extensions correctly supported.