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Details: Warnings

These are some of the warning and error messages that can occur in *.LOG:

  • ERROR #9: Could not read X referenced by Y. Broken Hyperlink?
  • ERROR #6: URL X in file Y is very similar to the URL X' which occurred in Y', except that upper-/lowercase is different. Troubles on UNIX webservers!
  • ERROR #20: File X referenced by Y has different upper-/lowercase on disk.
  • WARNING #1: URL X starts at root directory (/). This is discouraged. (Link ignored)
  • ERROR #3: URL X in file Y contains a backslash '\\' character. (Link ignored)
  • ERROR #4: URL X in file Y leads out of the root directory
  • ERROR #5: URL X in file Y contains dots ('.') after '\' the relative part. (Link ignored)
  • WARNING #10: X uses Unknown Scripting. Cannot copied referenced files.
  • WARNING #13: X includes Java Applet Y - cannot know which classes to also copy.
  • ERROR #17: File X is already post-processed by KISSfp! Maybe forgot to Re-Publish.
  • WARNING #21: URL X in file Y links local file! (Link ignored)
  • ERROR #22: URL X in file Y contains special character! (Link ignored)
  • HINT #23: In X the mailto-link Y should show X instead.
  • WARNING #24: An URL in file X contains WHITESPACE! This was corrected.
  • WARNING #26: Document X contains an EMPTY URL.
  • WARNING #27: In X, Y (A HREF mailto:) doesn't seem to be a valid e-mail address.
  • and a lot more, of minor interest here. (system errors)