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KISSfp Compatibility
with FrontPage Components

This page explains the differences between the two categories of FrontPage Components. Webs processed by KISSfp cannot use Run-Time Components, as they rely on Server Extensions.

There are two different categories of FrontPage Components, called WebBots in earlier versions of FrontPage: A) Authoring-time and B) Run-time components, the latter also called browse-time components in some of Microsoft's documentation.

A) Authoring-time components are called by FrontPage Editor when the page containing the component is being saved. They insert static HTML code in your page, which will run as-is in the browser.

If your web uses only authoring-time components, there is no need for FrontPage Server Extensions on the server. Upload by FTP is no problem in this case. Server space is saved, first by compressed HTML files, second by absence of the now useless _vti_ folders, and third because Server Extensions need not be installed.


Authoring-Time Components

  • Hover Button [Java]
  • PageBanner
  • NavBar
  • TOC
  • TimeStamp
  • Substitution
  • Marquee
  • Movies
  • "PurpleText" Comment
  • Banner Ad Manager (Rot. Images) [Java]
  • Include HTML
B) Run-time components expand dynamically when the page containing the component is fetched by a browser, calling subroutines from the  FrontPage Server Extensions installed on the server.

If your web contains run-time components, you cannot upload it by FTP to any webserver, but must publish it through FrontPage Explorer to a server with FrontPage Server Extensions installed. Server Space and visitor download time can still be saved by compressed HTML files.

KISSfp will determine which category of FrontPage components your web uses and tell you if it can be uploaded by FTP to a server which does not have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.

Note that using FrontPage Themes is 100% compatible with KISSfp, including ActiveGraphics which use JavaScript.  All the following FrontPage features should be compatible with KISSfp as well: Common Borders, Document Templates, Cascading Style Sheets, CDF, Background Images & Sounds, etc.

Finally, if you use your own components not supplied with FrontPage read Using Java Applets, Scripts & ActiveX with KISSfp.

Run-Time Components

  • Hit Counter
  • Search Form
  • Run-Time Include Page (Server)
  • Scheduled Image and - Include
  • FP specific Forms
    • Discussion
    • Registration
    • Guestbook
    • Save Results
    • Confirmation
  • Database & ASP