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Version History - What's New?

Version 2.1 (April 1999)

  • "Check for latest Version" in Help menu (on-line)
  • automatically copy leave-site.gif & mail-to.gif icons to /Images
  • FP2000: crawling improved (all <param ... valuetype="ref">)
  • correctly handles SaveResults Bot (ERROR #30)
  • testing and documentation of image MAPs
  • fixed ".kissfp does not seem to be an HTML..."
  • fixed "nedstat" bug introduced with 2.0b
  • better startup logic to find LRU Web
  • help text extended & updated
  • EXE distribution uses Authenticode™ digital signature
  • ZIP distribution now includes vendinfo.diz
  • ...and many more bugfixes, detail improvements & updates!

Version 2.0 (February 1999)

  • GUI with FrontPage Integration, OnLine-Help, Installer
  • New Features: <!-- INSERT: {HTML} --> and version-history.html
  • Improved Crawling, improved HTML Compression, new Warnings (Details)

Version 1.1d (May 20/21 & June 1998)

  • Program Update 1.1d (May 21)
    • Warning added, when local file:// URL appears. (June 23)
    • option -touch: rewrites all files, even if the in- & ouput timestamps are identical; timestamp of the out files is NOT reset to the input files.
    • So-called "nice quotes" (single and double) are replaced by ' and "
    • option -verbose: prints some debugging information.
  • Website Update (June 5/23)
    • User Feedback etc. pages updated.
    • new mail-to.gif iconmail-to.gif (884 Byte). Attention, because the size of the new icon has changed (18x10 pixels, the old one was 18x9 pixels) you need to remove existing HTML documents in order to recreate them, even if the source doc has not changed.
  • Website Update (May 20)
    • Bugfix on Server: Some users reported download problems. (MIME type)
    • Bugfix: The mail-to.gif icon (mail-to.gif (884 Byte)) now has correct transparency set.
    • Download page updated and ZIP format added.
    • Added new external link to Styleguide.

Version 1.1c (May 7, 1998)

  • Bugfix: Would crash in rare cases (linked URLs with "no extension")
  • Bugfix: Some <!-- comments were only partially removed (tag)
  • Tiny leave-site and mailto icons are now clickable as well.
  • Progress indicator when processing files
  • Website updated, new is Feedback, Credits and this page.

Version 1.1 (May 4, 1998)

  • Full Support of FrontPage Server Extensions:
  • Inserting tiny icons after e-mail links and links leaving site
  • Ignores <!-- NOKISS -->nokiss-start.gif (958 Byte)...nokiss-end.gif (936 Byte)<!-- /NOKISS -->
  • 7-Bit ASCII safe: chars >127 converted to character entities (eg. &agrave;)
  • Insert <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN"> if not already present
  • Follow more URLs, such as:
    • Frames Support (all referenced frame page are copied and processed)
    • Partial CSS Support: LINK REL followed, but @import and URLs in the .css (BODY { background: url(pinkish.gif) }) do not cause the file to be copied as well.
  • Print useful warnings if something seems strange (broken links, upper-/lowercase)
  • Website 1.1 completely updated.

Version 1.0 (April 4, 1998)

  • Copy a website by following all referenced files.
  • Remove !--mstheme--> <!--msnavigation--> and other <!--ms*--> comments. Remove some META and the </p> tags. Whitespace (TAB, Space, CR) compression except inside <PRE> <LISTING> <XMP> tags.